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Medieval Coin France

Large Medieval Silver Teston Coin(9 g)~France~Charles IV~(1625-1675)~rare~VF-XF


France Louis IX 1226-1270 Billon Obole Tournois Medieval Coin D.194


1291AD Medieval France Anglo-Gallic Edward I Antique Silver Denier Coin i66626


887AD FRANCE Carolingian King ODO Eudes Silver Denier Medieval Coin NGC i71938


1610 - 1643 FRANCE Louis XIII Double Tournois Rare Medieval French Coin


1000-1150AD FRANCE Medieval Feudal Antique Silver Denier Coin w CROSS i76047


France 1598 Henri II Douzain (12 Deniers) Medieval Hammered Silver Coin 


Henry III. 1574-1589. AR Demi-franc à col plat. Medieval France. Large coin


Feudal France Hammered Silver Denier Medieval 0.89g 8.5mm Coin Melgueil


Unresearched France Denier Medieval 1.09g 21mm Hammered Silver Coin Crown


1093-1125 Hugues I, Count of Troyes, French Silver Medieval Feudal Coin Denier


Italian medieval/feudal coin: William I: king of Sicily (1154 - 66)


France medieval silver coin, Philippe IV 1286-1304 gros turnois


The First King of France,Medieval Coin of Philip II Augustus boxed


Late Medieval Austrian Coin - Habsburg Franc Silver Denar 1751.


Late Medieval Austrian Coin - Habsburg Franc Silver Denar 1752.


CR, French medal of medieval coin, Charles VII, royal d’or


CR, French medal, Philip IV le Bel, Knights Templar, medieval coin, d’or


CR, French contemporary medal, Philip VI, medieval coin, couronne d’or


Anglo-Gallic Henry IV-VI 1399-1461 AD AR Silver Hardi D'Argent Medieval Coin




1000AD FRANCE Besancon Medieval Antique Silver FRENCH Coin CROSS HAND i71776


1285 France Medieval French PHILIP IV the Fair Antique Silver Coin NGC i68306


The First King of France,Medieval Coin of Philip II Augustus & Story Certificate


1683 France French Medieval coins, Ardennes, Duché de Bouillon, Double Franc-c


1275AD FRANCE Cahors Medieval Genuine Antique Silver French Coin w CROSS i74581


1461-1483 France Louis XI "The Prudent" Medieval Coin


900-1050AD FRANCE Limoges Medieval Feudal French Silver Coin / ODO EUDES i74585


1200-1300AD FRANCE Medieval MELGUEIL Antique Billon Silver French Coin i74602


1100-1300AD FRANCE Medieval COLOGNE Koln Antique Silver French Coin i74603


1637 France Double Tournois 2 Deniers Lyon Mint Great Details Coin Medieval


1100AD FRANCE Limoges Medieval Silver French Coin w SAINT MARTIAL ABBEY i74587


1017AD FRANCE Medieval MAINE Duke HERBERT I Antique Silver Coin CROSS i74595


1656 France Louis XIV Medieval Coin


The First King of France: Medieval Coin of Philip II Augustus


1245AD FRANCE Strasbourg Bishopric Ancient Silver French Medieval Coin i75716


NGC 1551 France 1 Douz Medieval Coin


1100-1400AD FRANCE Vienne Archbishops Antique Medieval Silver French Coin i74579


1399AD FRANCE Britanny Duke JEAN V Antique Medieval Silver French Coin i71191


Medieval French Counter Shield Jeton Token Ave Maria Gracia Dei Rare Coin


15th - 16th century coin weight for an English medieval gold Noble


France Valence Bishopric Silver Denier 1100's to 1300's Medieval Coin




1483 - 1498 France French King Charles VIII Bordeaux Cross Medieval Silver Coin


Europian Medieval France Feudal Conti Double Tourins Francois Coper Coin 89T