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Medieval Coin France

1219-1239 Hugues X Silver Denier France Knights Templar Medieval French Coin


Medieval France Knights Templar 1285-1307AD Kings Crown 18MM Silver Coin Nice!!


Medieval France Knights Templar 1285-1307AD Kings Crown Silver Coin 18MM Rare!


Medieval France Knights Templar Crusades 1285-1307AD Silver 25mm TopShelf Coin!!


Medieval France Knights Templar Silver 1285-1307AD Coin 25mm Ex-Fine Condition!!


Unresearched France Denier Medieval 1.09g 21mm Hammered Silver Coin Crown


France Knights Templar Medieval 0.66g 21.5mm Hammered Silver Cross Coin Crusades


Medieval Templar Silver Coin - Gros Tournois


France Philip IV 1285-1314 The Fair Denier Tournois O' L'o Rond Medieval Coin


France Medieval 1285-1307AD Knights Templar Crusader Silver Coin Kings Crown XF


The First King of France,Medieval Coin of Philip II Augustus & Story Certificate


France Philip II 1180-1223 AD Denier Tournois St. Martin Medieval Coin Dy.176


The Silver Coins of Medieval France (476-1610AD) by James N. Roberts


864AD Medieval FRANCE CAROLINGIAN King Charles the Bald Silver Coin NGC i71939


887AD FRANCE Carolingian King ODO Eudes Silver Denier Medieval Coin NGC i71938


1291AD Medieval France Anglo-Gallic Edward I Antique Silver Denier Coin i66626


1000-1150AD FRANCE Medieval Feudal Antique Silver Denier Coin w CROSS i76047


1204AD Medieval France Provincial Vienne Anonymous Silver Coin St Maurice i66625


Feudal France Hammered Silver Denier Medieval 0.89g 8.5mm Coin Melgueil


1610 - 1643 FRANCE Louis XIII Double Tournois Rare Medieval French Coin


1575 - 1593 France Henri III Silver Douzain Rare Medieval French Coin


France Louis IX 1226-1270 Billon Obole Tournois Medieval Coin D.194


Silver Medieval Coin FRANCE, BISHOP VALENCE, DENAR (1090-1225)


Late Medieval Austrian Coin - Habsburg Franc Silver Denar 1751.


Late Medieval Coin Double Tournois France 1642 Rare Copper Colonial


CR, French medal of medieval coin, Charles VII, royal d’or


CR, French contemporary medal, Charles V, medieval coin, d’or


RARE Medieval unidentified coin MEDAL JETON


CR, French contemporary medal, Philip VI, medieval coin, couronne d’or


Medieval french unidentified silver coin


Medieval unidentified coin MEDAL JETON


Anglo-Gallic Henry IV-VI 1399-1461 AD AR Silver Hardi D'Argent Medieval Coin


medieval unidentified silver coin


1389AD FRANCE Antique Medieval SILVER French Coin of King CHARLES VI NGC i80500


1285 France Medieval French PHILIP IV the Fair Antique Silver Coin NGC i69123