CILTEP – My “Smart Pill” Of Choice

Even though there are many types of smart pills and smart drugs on the market today, there are obviously some that stand head and shoulders above the others. The sad fact of the matter is that most smart pills will not do a damned thing in helping you to boost your mind and achieve higher states of brain function. But having said that, there are a few that will turbo charge your brain and allow you to become a learning machine. Interested?

The pills I recommend most people start off experimenting with is the nootropic stack called CILTEP. This stands for Chemically Induced Long Term Potentiation and it’s a powerful way to help boost motivation levels, increase mental focus, eliminate brain fog, and boost the motivation of an individual to learn.

So if you need a boost to your study, then this stack of ingredients will help most people immensely. I’m the biggest skeptic when it comes to smart pills so I was shocked to find that the effects of CILTEP were very noticeable and I was able to experience the effects in just 30 minutes time of taking the pill.

So I would definitely recommend this product to anybody who wants to upgrade their brain and take their learning to the next level.

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The CILTEP Stack For Boosting The Brain And Losing Weight

There are not too many nutritional supplement products which can be a highly rewarding experience to write about today in this post, but I nevertheless will attempt a quick post to make certain I’m able to give individuals some insight into their ability make better choices about their wellness and boosting their performance.

One interesting product that I have had my eyes on is a brand new mix called the CILTEP Stack, which is a nootropic product that has been specifically designated for boosting mental performance, focus, and at the same time enhancing memory. Yet, I discovered a few interesting things while experimenting with this product. More specifically, forskolin and artichoke extract, when used in combination as per this stack are also best for weight reduction at the same time.

Fatty acid oxidation is the mechanism at work here. What is happening is that CILTEP is helping the body burn fat instead of sugar. This results in weight loss occurring. So if you want to boost your mental power and also lose weight at the same time. Then CILTEP will give you the best of both worlds.

So now you have even more reason for giving this unique and innovative nootropic a try!

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Seeking Knowledge about Acid Reflux? You Need To Read This Article!

Acid reflux can happen to anyone and everyone. This affliction eventually gets a third of all Americans. Sadly, most sufferers don’t know what to do about it. Use the tips below to fight acid reflux effectively.

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You want to do most of your drinking between meals and not while you’re eating. This is a good way to manage hunger, since you stand a better chance of being thirsty than you do hungry. When you drink throughout the day, your stomach won’t get as upset when you do eat and acid won’t come back into the esophagus.

Use an additional pillow to keep your head raised while you sleep. Anything that is sturdy enough to elevate the mattress is suitable. For example, you might use a block of wood or a few books. Electronic beds which can raise the upper portion of the bed are also available too.

To reduce the risk of acid reflux, lose those extra pounds. Obesity can be a common contributor to acid reflux. Losing just 10 percent of how much you weigh can reduce the occurrence of acid reflux. Weight loss should be done by eating smaller meals, not by crash dieting.

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If you suffer with acid reflux, don’t lay down after eating. It is harder to process food when your body is not upright. By staying in an upright position, you can avoid the problems associated with acid reflux and continue to feel healthy.

Don’t allow stress to spiral out of control in any area of your life. Stress can produce more acid, which will come up through your stomach and cause acid reflux. Identify the cause of your stress and get it under control ASAP.

Try to drink mostly in between meals if you suffer from acid reflux. When your stomach is full of food and liquid, the lower esophageal sphincter is under constant pressure. This creates a situation under which acid is much more likely to rise into your esophagus.

When pregnant, the baby’s weight can actually cause acid reflux. This is especially common during the last two trimesters, and is worth mentioning to your physician.

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The tendency of a particular food to form acid when digested has little correlation with the initial pH of that food. Foods that seem acidic, such as lemons, become alkaline after digesting them. This can be confusing if you are suffering from acid reflux. If you have acid reflux, learn about food’s pH levels.

Be sure to stop eating three hours before bedtime. In other words, do not eat any later than 6:00 PM if you typically go to sleep at 9:00 PM each night. The reason is that lying prostrate with a full stomach tends to increase pressure on the LES muscle. This will cause your acid reflux to worsen.

As was mentioned earlier in the beginning of this article, millions of Americans are affected by acid reflux. Don’t give in to reflux, fight it instead. Use the tips above to live a life free of acid reflux.

In summary, there is good info for you here to utilize. I also recommend, however, you check out a good article here at this comprehensive supplement review guide about a superb probiotic supplement. There you have it.

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Welcome To The Future…Now – Brain Enhancement In A Pill

There is a powerful and brand new supplement that has been available for the past year that promises to boost mental performance, increases ones ability to learn, and help boost motivational levels so people actually look forward to learning.

This supplement, created by nootropic experimenter, Abalard Lyndsay, has taken the world by storm in such a short period of time. This supplement is named CILTEP and has been specifically designed for anybody who wants to increase there ability to learn and be at their best.

CILTEP contains a number of unique ingredients in specific amounts that are able to boost mind power. One in particular is Artichoke Extract, which will help stop a chemical process in the brain that inhibits learning. The other is called Forskolin, which will also help boost brain power.

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These ingredients were not thrown together without any though. Instead they have been expertly chosen due to their amazing effects. CILTEP is unlike other nootropic on the market as it the way it works is well documented and understood. The fact that this formula is natural and doesn’t contain any harsh chemical substances also ensures that it is safe to take both in the short term and long term.

If you want to get amazing results simply by ingesting a small white capsule, then you may want to further explore the benefits of this amazing product. So I urge you to do some further research on the Internet and you will see exactly how beneficial it has been to a great number of people who all swear by its effectiveness.

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How To Whiten And Bleach Your Skin

Do you want to have a lighter complexion? Bleaching and whitening your skin is the best way to get the complexion you want. Keep reading to learn more about the different products and remedies you can use.

Chemical bleaches are a great way to whiten your skin but your skin might become irritated. You should be able to find fading creams in most beauty stores or on the Internet. Keep in mind that hydroquinone is the only skin lightening product approved by the FDA, although there are concerns about side effects of hydroquinone skin care products. If a skin whitening product contains other chemicals instead of hydroquinone, you should probably avoid it.

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Chemical peels are another good way to brighten your complexion. These products will eliminate dead skin cells and accelerate the growth of new skin cells that are not saturated with melanin yet. Chemical peels will help you get rid of your tan in just a few weeks and will help you keep a lighter complexion. Do not use chemical peels more than once a week or you will irritate your skin.

Natural remedies are a great alternative if your skin is too sensitive to use the creams you can usually find in beauty stores. Papaya soap can for instance lighten your complexion when used on a daily basis. Find an organic papaya soap and use it every day in the shower. Wait a few minutes after lathering your skin so the soap has enough time to take effect. You can also apply milk to your skin to bleach it.

Lemon juice remains one of the most efficient natural skin whitening remedies. Applying lemon juice directly to your skin or even rubbing half a lemon against your skin is an efficient skin whitening method but you should not apply lemon directly to your skin if you have acne or small cuts. If the lemon makes your skin burn, stop immediately and rinse. If lemon is too harsh for your skin, mix some lemon juice into a small quantity of yogurt to soothe and hydrate your skin while you lighten it.

Don’t forget to apply sun screen every day, even when the weather is not very warm. Sun screen will protect your skin from sun rays and keep your skin cells from producing melanin. You should apply sun screen as a part of your morning skin care routine and you can try mixing it with a moisturizer if you do not want to apply more than one cream.